How does it work?

Our desalination plants based on Reverse Osmosis the most widely accepted unique process to treat Sea/Brackish and waste water into highly purified water for drinking different applications.

Dee waterneer  treatment plants are effective and most durable which are suitable for purifying water for application as drinking for villages, residential, complexes by potable and non potable water requirements for construction , filling up lakes/ponds, industrial use and agriculture etc.

It is suitable for Canal Water, River Water & Polluted water. It takes care of suspended solids, remove odours & colour and control COD & BOD. The system consist of chemical dosing for coagulation/Flocution aeration to remove bad smell, odours & COD. Quick settling chamber layered pebble bed for coarse filtration. Chlorine dosing system to control COD/BOD. Activated Carbon Filtration to work as Turshri treatment to bring BOD within control limits.

A superb newly patented & high-capacity process for dewatering/water cleaning of polluted sediments pumped by dredger.