Case Study

Municipal corporation of Faridabad – Pilot Project at Sector 21 A for recycling of sewage water into non potable water.

Regional Office of Haryana State Pollution Control Board is regularly monitoring the water quality of River Yamuna, Canal system passing through the District i.e. Agra Canal, Gurgaon Canal and Drains carrying domestic effluent and industrial effluent which finally reaches the River Yamuna. The data generated is clearly indicating that the water quality of the above mentioned water bodies are not confirming to the standards prescribed under Water Act and Environmental Protection Act. The water quality of Agra Canal and Gurgaon Canal at Badarpur Border is very bad. A long term and short term action plan is urgently required to mitigate these problems and to reduce the pollution load in the River Yamuna.
Near about 200 MLD of sewage water per day is lying waste on account of non adequate facility at Municipal Corporation of Faridabad. Our task was to minimize this wastage by equipping them with a facility which will recycle this sewage water into non potable water. This non potable water can be further used for the refilling of Badkhal Lake Faridabad.
Badkhal Lake was a natural lake situated in Faridabad, Haryana, about 16 kilometers from Delhi. It was a natural lake surrounded by hilly areas of the Aravali Range in Haryana.
As of May 2009, the lake is almost a completely dried up grassy terrain and the unusually low rainfall in the area has been cited. Certain mines surrounding the lake are also responsible for blockage of flow of water to the lake's reservoir. Also some mineral water companies are responsible as well, for taking water from the lake for their purposes.
There will be various benefits after the treated water is disposed off in Badkhal Lake as it will stop the polluted water from further entering into Yamuna river, increase the tourism in the state, raise the ground water table of the Faridabad district, will also lead to a growth in fishery along with that the waste can also be utilized as fertilizers.


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