Dee waterneer  treatment plants are effective and most durable which are suitable for purifying water for application as drinking for villages, residential, complexes by portable and non portable water requirements for construction and agriculture.
Capacity of recycling up to 150M3/hr, the plant can be suitable for continuous operation as solids are drained out continuously. It removes TSS color, algae, heavy metals fecal califorms (up to 97%), total phosphorus, COD 90% and BOD up to 96%
Our desalination plants are based on Reverse Osmosis the most widely accepted unique process to treat Sea/Brackish and waste water into highly purified water for drinking different applications. Waters having total dissolved solids up to 50,000 PPM can be treated to drinking water as per WHO standard.          

Our growth is the result of long binding relationship with our customers, and this creates a market for us.


A superb newly patented & high-capacity process for dewatering/water cleaning of polluted sediments pumped by dredger.